A popular tool for creating interactive timelines can be found at www.timetoast.com

Student presentations can be engaging when research has been organized into a timeline format with key events, dates, representative images, descriptive text and hyperlinks.

Take a closer look.

To sign up for a free account students must create a username (nickname) which will appear on published Timetoasts and provide an email address and password. Students should use their school email addresses and passwords.  Timetoast will send a confirmation message which must be opened in order to activate the new account.

Watch these videos to learn how to:

Create a new timeline

Add a new timespan

Add a new event to the timeline

Publish your timeline

Browse the categories for existing TimeToasts to get ideas.Remind students to cite their sources for images used on the timeline.

Adding images and hyperlinks within the text would greatly improve this student’s world religions timeline.





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