Is a website that takes you back in time from the present to 1900 

Go to the site and type in any date you want to explore.  The results will be a short text passage about the day. It will give information such as; the president of the period, what music was popular, some movies and more.  Try clicking on the “Old Journal Ads” you will find several interesting pictures. Grades 4-12

Drawbacks to this site:

  • Only goes back to the 1900
  •  It contains advertisements

Some ideas for classroom use: Provided by  “TeachersFirst” website:


“Build context around historic dates using details of pop culture, magazines, and more. Have students search for their birthdate and write about significant events on that date. Use an online tool such as Interactive Two Circle Venn Diagram (click here) to create a visual comparison of two different dates or of a past date with today. Ask students to generate questions about an important date, such as Pearl Harbor day, and use cultural details to generate a “snapshot” of what life was like before the world changed. What can you tell from the information shared here? How do you know? Challenge your students to use a site such as Timetoast (click here) to create timelines of events in the 1900′s.”


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