Create your personal “internet desktop” with Symbaloo, a colorful alternative to traditional bookmarking.  Links to your favorite websites are displayed as clickable tiles which can be dragged & dropped, added & deleted from your webmix collections.


View the introductory video here. 

To get started, sign up for a free account. Next, go to the Symbaloo Bookmarker link on the homepage. Symbaloo provides Bookmarker add-ons for Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.  Download and install the one for your preferred browser.

The add-on will appear as a single box (Google Chrome) or two small boxes (Firefox) at the top right corner of the browser toolbar.  Click the +box to add the current website to your webmix.





Open the Webmix Collection tab to view additional sites or to drag and drop new links to preferred locations on the grid.  Click the  + tab to create a new Webmix Collection.










Visit the Symbaloo Service Community for news and to share ideas and solutions in the content forum.

NOTE:  The difference between regular Symbaloo accounts and SymbalooEDU accounts is that EDU accounts come with preset educational webmixes preinstalled and continuously updated by the site’s Symbaloo Certified educators.  These can be updated to paid premium accounts offering administrative functions. 

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  • Lisa Ockerman

    Love Symbaloo! Great website to help students organize sites when they are writing research papers.

    • Bryan Miller

      So glad you like it, Lisa!

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