Digital storytelling is a fun and meaningful way to engage students in learning.   For an innovative way to incorporate digital storytelling in your classroom, try Narrable, a web-based program that allows you to add narrations to your photos.

All you need to do is:

1)  Sign up for a free account at using your e-mail address.  Make sure you check the two boxes on the sign-up screen to agree with Narrable’s terms so that you will be able to complete the sign-up process with your name and e-mail.


2)  Upload pictures from your computer.

3) To change the title, reposition photo or delete Narrable, click on the icon on the top right corner of the photo to see the options.

3)  Add narration using the built-in recording tool with three options

4)  Add the name of the person narrating before starting the recording.

5)  Save the project.

6)  Share with others with e-mail or embed the Narrable on the web.

That’s all there is to it!

Note:  The free version of Narrable allows you to create 5 Narrables and each time you share one, another Narrable is added to your account allowance.  If you decide to upgrade, the cost is $5 per month.

To try Narrable or to get more information, go to:

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