I was looking for something new to share with you today when Tina Jaramillo stopped by.  Check out her latest find!



It’s a web-based platform that helps students improve their grammar and writing skills:

  • apostrophes
  • subject/verb agreement
  • comma issues
  • sentence fragments
  • run-on sentences
  • commonly confused words
  • with more to come!


Getting students to practice and improve grammar skills can be a challenge. NoRedInk could turn that around. So I signed up for a teacher account and began exploring the dashboard.  It was simple to navigate. I created a class (which generated the student access code) and began making my first quiz.  A content menu appeared offering an assortment of cultural references to add to the quiz.



If students need to practice grammar skills, why not in sentences about familiar authors, musicians, and athletes?



The Dashboard places all key functions in one place:  create, edit, preview, view results, view answer key, set start and end times and delete.  The Progress Tab at the top opens a detailed grid of student performance.  The Your Progress grid in the student view offers a clear display of current performance. Mouse-over the cell and a  pop-up appears with encouragement and suggestions for improvement.
















I really liked being able toggle back and forth between the teacher and student views of quiz and assignment activities.  Here I was taking the quiz in the student view to see what kind of feedback was offered for incorrect answers.  In this case, it displayed feedback for the correct response.



Sample feedback:


For a sneak peek, check out NoRedeInk’s introductory video:

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