Writing, writing and more writing! You can never have too many ideas and tools to inspire students to become better creative writers. Check out this site:




The Amazing Word Tamer is an interactive story-writing website to engage students in the creative writing process. An exciting aspect of the Word Tamer is the short videos explaining each element of a story. Choosing a character, setting or plot may be the student’s first challenge. As they navigate through the program they can mix ideas or read, click and change parts of the story until they are satisfied.
Amazing Word Tamer allows students to print and/or save their work. Navigating Amazing Word Tamer using the Smartboard will be a fun way to teach and discuss the art of storytelling. (This site requires Adobe Flash)

Audience: 4th – 8th  Grade

Created by the Author Judy Waite – http://www.judywaite.com/











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