Tired of trying to remember all of your website user ID’s (usernames) and passwords to all the websites you visit? Try LastPass.

LastPass is a stand-alone website application and web-browser add-on that can automatically save your user ID and passwords for an unlimited amount of websites. The best part is that the service automatically fills in your user ID and password when you visit a website registered with your LastPass account.

For a direct explanation of LastPass please watch:

And visit: https://lastpass.com to register.

Lastly (no pun intended), LastPass is FREE!

Additional LastPass Features

 Fill Forms: Registering on a website is easy! If you provide Lastpass with your home and/or work information (address, email, phone number, etc.) all you have to do is right-click and select “Lastpass > Fill Form” and LastPass automatically fills in those fields you would otherwise have to manually enter data into.

Credit Card(s) Fill: Buying your classroom materials on the Internet has now become easier. LastPass allows you to save your credit card information (encrypted for security) any by simply right clicking and selecting “Lastpass > Fill Form” you can pay with a click!

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