Vuvox Collage enables students to create dynamic, panoramic displays for visually rich, engaging presentations. The collages are easy to create and the site is free.  In contrast to EDU Glogster projects which have a vertical orientation, Vuvox Collage projects have player controls which set images, graphics and text in motion along a horizontal track. We have experienced the most success by limiting our media to image, text, and audio files. The site does not appear to support video in any format.


To get started, sign up for a free account.

An email address and a “public” name are required in order to complete registration.  Students should select the unlisted option for channel visibility; uncheck notifications update request; and agree to terms of use.

Log in and start creating. There are three short tutorial videos which are an effective introduction to the environment and available tools. The creation area is called the canvas.  Select the manual option and begin adding media to the gallery.

Once the media is available, drag, drop, resize and format your items on the canvas.  Audio files can be set to loop throughout the presentation. Experiment. Save frequently.  The canvas and gallery area are easily navigated. The zoom tool on the bottom right of the canvas makes it easy to view an entire project as it develops.

Not bad for a free site.  The most common complaints have been that it doesn’t support video files and that media uploads are slow.  Let us know what you think.

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