If you have an iPad, it’s time to get recording!  Use ShowMe to assess your students rather than using a paper and pencil.  This amazing app works great for you to create your own lessons, for your students to record their voices and annotations into an interactive video, and for you to share with others.  Create a free account on www.showme.com, and will have your account- up and running in seconds.  This site will allow you to search for created lessons, to post your lessons and students work. Using ShowMe, teachers and students have the ability to both teach and learn from a large collection of videos.  When students are finished recording their lesson they can save it. You then will be able to publish their work to the website and use the embed code to publish into blackboard or email to parents. All student work can be private or public.

1.  Download the app ShowMe.

2. Go to the site www.showme.com and sign up for it.

3. Open the app to explore. As soon as you open the app you will see a red recording bottom on the top right side of the screen.

4. Record your voice and annotation, when finished stop the recording bottom

5. It will ask you if you are done recording, make a choice.  You can always delete if you don’t like what you recorded.

6. Name it and save it.

7. You will see the video that you have created.

8. To publish tap the cloud option on the screen and you have the option to make it private or public.  I would keep it private.

9. Give a brief description of your lesson and tap finish.

10. The next screen will ask you to share the link tap share to open.

11. The video then will be converted and will be in the account that you have created in the showme.com site.


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