These directions are for adding your own pictures to your SmartBoard content.

1.       Go to Insert menu and select Insert Picture file to choose the pictures you want to insert (you can select more than one at a time).

2.       The selected pictures will be added to the current Smart Notebook page.

3.       Go to the Gallery and make sure the Auto Hide box is not checked.  This box is on the bottom left of the screen.

4.       Select the “My Content” folder and the subfolder (if applicable) where you want to add your pictures.

5.      In the bottom window, click on the arrow to expand the Pictures’ area.

6.      Drag the pictures into the bottom window of the Gallery – you should see a + sign indicating that you are adding an item.  If you have more than one picture to add, hold down the shift key and select the desired pictures.

7.     Your pictures will now be accessible within any Smart Notebook file on your computer.

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