As more preliminary, literature-review research is being conducted on the Internet, it is important that students learn how to save, cite, and display resources that they use for their projects or research papers. However, collecting and containing these sources can be an organizational nightmare without the right tool(s). Enter LiveBinders.

LiveBinders is essentially a digital three-ring binder. Digital files can be saved and organized within tabs and subtabs of the binder. This tool is fantastic for allowing students to document the work they are doing for your class online, or to develop a virtual bibliography as an addendum to their projects and research papers.

All digital documents (.PDFs, webpages, images, videos, etc) can be collected in one place, and organized in a fashion that will allow students to reflect on their research/project conclusions, easily.

LiveBinders is free. Although you must sign up for an account. I recommend this service for students in 8th-12th grades as well as for faculty in all divisions.


In addition, all notebooks can be accessed from any web browser, and each notebook has a unique URL making it viewable (and even editable) by other students or teachers. This is a great collaboration tool!

All LiveBinders can be completely private, shared with a select group of people, or  can be made public on the Web.

For a more detailed explanation of LiveBinders please watch this video:




A tutorial video about creating tabs and subtabs in a LiveBinder:



What the web says: “LiveBinders helps teachers combine the material that they collect online with the documents they create on their desktop into virtual presentation binders and provides virtual shelves to organize them.  Teachers are creating their own personal library of binder resources and sharing them locally with students and parents and globally with colleagues.  Teachers have used binders for paperless classroom assignments such as virtual trips and eportfolios. Since most teachers share their work, the LiveBinders site has become a global library of lesson plans and resources with subjects as diverse as Online Art Games, Ancient Civilizations, and iPads in Schools.” ~NewTeacherCamp

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