Importing Music

To import an MP3 or other audio file into your project: 1. Select Project> Import Audio.

2. Locate the file you want to import on your computer.

3. Click on Open. Audacity will import the audio into a new track.

Saving a New Project (Ctrl-S)

1. Save your project by selecting File> Save Project As

2. Click on OK if you get a warning message about saving project files (you can also check the box so you won’t see that warning again)

3. Enter a file name for your project and choose a save location 4. Click on Save

Basic Editing

Create a New Track:

1. Project> New Audio Track (mono) or New Stereo Track

2. (You can paste in audio that you’ve copied or cut from another track)

Selection Tools:

Selection – click and drag to highlight portions of the track, or click to change start position

Envelope – for tight control of fade in or fade out

Draw – (advanced) draw audio waveforms to smooth out noise, clicks, and pops

Zoom – get a closer look at a portion of the track

Time Shift – (advanced) use to change the order of multiple tracks

Multi Tool – (advanced) access all tools with keystrokes

Editing Tools:

Cut – remove the selection and place it on the clipboard (Ctrl-X)

Copy – copy the selection and place it on the clipboard (Ctrl-C)

Paste - paste the current contents of the clipboard (Ctrl-V)

Trim – delete everything BUT the selection

Silence – erase the selection and replace with silence

Undo/Redo – undo or redo last action(s) (Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Y)Basics


Select the track (Ctrl-A) or portion of the track you want
Click the “Effects” menu
Common tasks:

  • Fade In/Fade Out
  • Change Pitch
  • Change Speed
  • Change Tempo
  • Amplify


To export a recording as an MP3 file:

1. Choose File> Export as MP3.

2. Enter a name for your file and click on Save.

3. Enter any information that you want to associate with the file into the lD3 tags window. Make sure lD3vl (more compatible) is selected.

4. Click on OK to export your project as an MP3

Your Assignment

Import a song from the Audacity area on Blackboard

Edit it down to one minute

Add a fade in and a fade out at the beginning and end

Change the pitch or speed or tempo

Export it to MP3


To record a new track:

1. Click on the Record button

2. To pause recording, click on the Pause button. (Note that some of the features in the menus will be unavailable while the Pause button is active. To resume recording, click on the Pause button again.)

3. To stop recording, click on the Stop button. This will return the playhead to the point where you started recording.

4. To play back your recording, click Play or the space bar. To start play back at another point in the timeline, move your cursor to that location before clicking on the Play button.

5. To play back just a section of your recording, make a selection first: with the Selection tool, click with your cursor where you want to start the selection and drag to highlight an area in the waveform. When you press the Play button, only the highlighted area will play back.

6. To name a track, choose the disclosure triangle next to Audio track in the track controls area (on the left side of the track), then choose Name, enter the track name, and click on OK.

7. To delete a track, click on the X in the track controls area.