Faculty Spotlight – March, 2014

About Project

Teacher Bio:

Sarai Gutiérrez-Rodríguez was born and raised in Spain. She obtained her M.A. Degree in Translation and Interpreting as well as her Teaching Certificate at Universidad de Salamanca, Spain.

Sarai has lived in Spain, France and the UK.  She has taught languages in these countries to Middle and Upper School students.

Her goal is to make students learn and enjoy World Languages through the creative use of Ed Tech tools in the classroom.

Highlighted Project:
6th and 7th Grade Spanish and French: Draw My Life Project

To develop student creative writing skills in target language
To increase cultural awareness
To build on prior knowledge of vocabulary and grammar
To improve diction and fluency
To develop technical skills using video editing tools and voiceover narration

Activity & Requirements:
Ask students to write an engaging story in the target language, which will be made into a video using the “Draw My Life” technique, currently popular on YouTube.

Content to include:

  • an “adopted” country for the setting
  • details reflecting cultural aspects of that country
  • the present tense
  • transition words

Have students submit scripts for grammar and spelling corrections. Next, create storyboards and plan artwork.  Since the technique involves using whiteboards and markers, allow students to draw characters on flash cards when whiteboards are not available.  Allow students to use their phones for filming.


  • Provide a rubric for each stage of the project
  • Provide a link to sample Draw My Life video to view technique
  • Allow sufficient time in class for each phase of the project: writing, planning, drawing, recording and editing
  • Allow collaboration on technical aspects
  • Limit music to original tracks or those found on school’s Megatrax account
  • Insist on citing sources when needed
  • Discourage overuse of music with voiceover

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